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ROSCO, RONNIE & THE TWO RANGER CHARLIES- A look back at the local children's TV program and public service campaign that ran on KSTW, Channel 11 in Tacoma. The show started in 1988 and ended with this special in 1995.

In the early 1990s, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a children's TV show on KSTW with Rosco T. Raccoon.  We were the last children's TV show in the region to have a live children's television show.   Children's TV at the local level is gone, partly due to the 1991 Children's Television Act.  Children's TV shows are only produced at the national level now -- mostly by Disney, Nickelodeon and PBS.  I think our local communities are missing something without local production of children's TV shows that invited kids into a station with the parents and guardians.  I'm working with local historian/producer Feliks Banel (see below) to petition Congress to change one part of the 1990 Children's Television Act.  We're creating an on-line petition that we'll use to petition Congress and the FCC.  The on-line petition will be out in June of 2013.  We're also making a short video describing the effort and Rosco T. Raccoon is lined up to narrate the video.  Stay tuned!


Feliks Banel is producer and host of the history series This NOT Just In for KUOW-FM in Seattle, and a regular contributor to the Seattle Channel as a producer and reporter. He's studied, written about, and produced radio and TV programs focused on media history and Pacific Northwest history for the past 15 years. Feliks founded Seattle Radio Theatre in 2000, and continues to produce and direct the only regularly scheduled live radio dramas in the United States--complete with live sound effects, live music and a live audience at Seattle's Town Hall (and heard on KPTK and KUOW). He's a Seattle native and a graduate of the University of Washington.











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