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As I tell actors about my book, I am frequently stunned by stories similar to those in The Improv -- at rehearsals, in classes and at auditions or callbacks.  If you have encoutered abuse or other weirdness in a theatrical or other arts situation, and are willing to share your story, add a comment here.  Let's shine some light on this forbidden topic.  Please protect your anonymity when you contribute.  


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#2 Anonymous 2013-03-04 21:58
There was a reduced episode of this type of "improv" going on at Ballard High School in Seattle in 1973. I was a senior, and we had a one year substitute teacher (while the great drama instructor Earl Kelley took a sabbatical). His replacement was a woman with a vindictive has-been acting career, who believed she was better than just being a "fill-in teacher". It was an enlightening learning experience that had very little to do with theater and the arts and everything to do with abusive rude bullying and adult power over underage kids. Times were certainly different in the 70's, but hopefully we've learned that there is no benefit from this type of exploitation (improv), and abuse is not tolerable on any level nor is it acceptable and ignored for lack of will power to confront its truths. I am hopeful your book will inspire others to come forward with their experiences of the past. It's good to clear out the suppressed memories of what really happened 40 years ago. Thank you.
#1 Lance Lambert 2013-02-16 00:08
When I was a student at a local community college (Seattle area) there was an instructor in my program that expected all of the students to worship him. He was very hard on some students and very friendly with others. The "chosen" students were allowed to spend the weekend at his vacation home located in a rural area. One day a photo was found in the classroom that showed him naked with one of his students. He was fired the next day.

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