Telling People about the Book - Surprisingly Scary! Part One

In the couple of weeks since my book has been out, I've had the pleasure of doing a television interview on Q13 FOX News at 4.  I was surprisingly nervous!  Even though I work on television every day and I've done stage work and radio and film, promoting something I wrote is amazingly humbling and I was shaking!  Hopefully it didn't come across in the interview.  What do YOU think?

There are all kinds of things I wish I had said . . . Like I wish I'd emphasized that the book isn't a total downer!  It has funny, laugh-out-loud parts.  And it's a great backstage story with creative people being wacky while putting on a show.  I know people will avoid reading my book because of the uncomfortable bits about abuse (physical and sexual).  So be it.

Which is one of the reasons I pretty much published it myself (with a friend who is a local "micro publisher") -- agents and editors telling me that people won't read a book about abuse.  And they didn't want to handle it. 

I believe the story needs to come out.  And so it has.  Thanks for daring to read it. 

My novel, "The Improv," now available!

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My novel, "The Improv," is now available on  Check out my book trailer

Many thanks to everyone who helped me launch the book on Friday, January 11th.  The folks at the Taproot Theatre were SO helpful (especially stage manager Micah Trapp - who is stage managing their next production, Jeeves in Bloom).  Thanks to the actresses who helped me read the first chapter:  Addie Keller, Carlee McManus, Pilar O'Connell and Mariel Neto; and thanks to Topo of Topo Swope Talent who helped me cast the actresses.  Many thanks to the quartet from Jet City Improv who started off the evening showing us what comedy improv is all about.  My boys are still quoting them!  

This has been such an emotional journey.  First the writing and rewriting of this personal and painful story.  Then working with my editor, Nancy Wick of Enlightened Edits.  Then asking people to read advanced copies and gave me their comments, and their blurbs.  Then getting back in contact with my childhood friend and artist, Jeanne Sears Bellis, who designed the cover -- with the input of everyone who voted in the cover contest - thanks to all of YOU.  And finally collaborating with my publisher, Julia Detering of Wooded Isle Press.  

Now I'm shaking as I think about people reading the story.  If you do, I would love to hear your comments -- please email me through this website.  If you have been in a situation similar to those in the book, please feel free to enter the Discussion Forum on the website.  Please take care to preserve your anonymity.

Finally, to the people who experienced that production of Hair thirty years ago -- thank you for letting me tell a novelized version of the story.  Hopefully it will make a difference in the life of some young college drama major.  Let the sunshine in! 




We have a winner of the cover contest for The Improv.  Thank you to all who voted!  It was a clear victory for cover #2.  I appreciate all of the comments people made.  My graphic artist friend, Jeanne Sears Bellis, took the winning design and created the final version of the cover.  (If you missed the contest, yes that's a picture of me as "Sheila" in the musical Hair from my college production.)  Just before we finalized the cover, Nicole Brodeur, columnist for The Seattle Times, emailed me a blurb.  I had to add it on.  (Thank you, Nicole!)  So here is it -- the final final cover!  I love it!  You can click on it to see an enlarged version.  The book will be available for purchase shortly!  


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