Telling People about the Book - Surprisingly Scary! Part One

In the couple of weeks since my book has been out, I've had the pleasure of doing a television interview on Q13 FOX News at 4.  I was surprisingly nervous!  Even though I work on television every day and I've done stage work and radio and film, promoting something I wrote is amazingly humbling and I was shaking!  Hopefully it didn't come across in the interview.  What do YOU think?

There are all kinds of things I wish I had said . . . Like I wish I'd emphasized that the book isn't a total downer!  It has funny, laugh-out-loud parts.  And it's a great backstage story with creative people being wacky while putting on a show.  I know people will avoid reading my book because of the uncomfortable bits about abuse (physical and sexual).  So be it.

Which is one of the reasons I pretty much published it myself (with a friend who is a local "micro publisher") -- agents and editors telling me that people won't read a book about abuse.  And they didn't want to handle it. 

I believe the story needs to come out.  And so it has.  Thanks for daring to read it. 

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