A Tale of Two Covers

I'm thrilled that my book is coming out in January.  The last thing to decide on is a cover.  I have a unique problem -- two cover designs and I can't decide which one I prefer!  I decided to let my friends -- Facebook and otherwise -- help me pick a cover.

Since The Improv is based on a true story of when I was a theatre major in college, I decided to use a photo from that time.  Both covers feature photos taken when I played Sheila in Hair in college -- thirty years ago!  I got back in contact with my dear friend and college roommate, Jeanne Sears Bellis, who took the original production photos.  She is now a graphic designer and still has the original negatives (remember negatives?) from the photos.  She took the photo of me doing a defiant peace sign and made it look all 60s with the colorization and font choice.  The second design was done by my publisher.  She took another photo, processed it, and placed it on a simple black background. 

Help me pick a cover!  As it says on the poll, read the synopsis of the book and consider that the target audience is "mature young adults," especially people interested in theatre.  I'd love to read your comments as well.

Thanks so much!  M.J. McDermott

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