First Blog Post - What Am I?

The first thing I had to do to get this website going was create a "logo" for myself -- basically my name and what I am.  It felt like an existential quest.  What am I?  Actually, it's more "What do I do?"

There are two main reasons for this website.  (1) Promote a novel I've written and provide a place for people to find out more and interract with me about the book, and (2) Create a repository for the stuff I've created and the projects in my life that are on-going.  This website will be the go-to spot for me -- mainly work-wise.

So, it includes info about my book (and hopefully future books), my business creating book trailers for authors, my work in math education (including my math video which has gone viral on YouTube!), efforts to petition Congress to change a law that has killed local children's television, and even a place to share music I've written and recorded.  Oh, and there's that weather thing I do. 

My initial attempt at defining myself in my "logo" went like this:  "Writer, Broadcaster, Actor, Meteorologist, Musician, Mathematician."  Then I thought about just putting "Renaissance Woman," but I thought that sounded pretentious.  I also wanted to brag about awards I'd won like this, "Broadcaster*" then "*Emmy Award Winner."  Gag.

Finally, my patient and wise publisher emailed me . . . I want three things, like "Writer | Actor | Broadcaster."  So we settled on that.  And, voil√°, I have a name at the top of my new website.  Now I need to put some content into it . . . Blog Post #1, done!

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