M.J. McDermott is currently a morning meteorologist on the FOX affiliate in Seattle, Washington (Q13 FOX News). She has a degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington, and is proud to be the first woman and first TV meteorologist to win the annual U.W. Atmospheric Sciences Forecasting Competition. She had also been nominated for several local Emmy Awards for her weather work. But that's just her day (or early morning) job.

M.J. is a writer and is publishing her first book in January of 2013. She is also using her years of media experience to help other writers market their books by partnering in a company that makes book trailers.

Before becoming a meteorologist, M.J. was an actor in New York City and Seattle. She has a degree in Theatre Arts. She co-hosted the last children's TV show in Seattle with a live children's audience, for which she won an Emmy Award. The 1991 Children's TV Act pretty much killed local children's TV production. M.J. is working with Seattle TV producer and historian Feliks Banel to petition Congress to change a portion of that law. Look for an on-line petition in February of 2013.

M.J. used to do a lot of singing and even conducted a church choir. In the early 1990s, she created a band that played songs about recovery from addiction and from growing up in an addicted household.

M.J.'s greatest joy is her family -- including her husband John and twin teenage boys, Kirby & Patrick. If she doesn't update her website, Facebook page or answer an email fast enough, it's because she's busy with some family business -- like a high school musical or cross country meet.

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